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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Homeschooling Made Easier

I'll start off with the honestly brutal truth! Homeschooling is not for the faint of heart. It is challenging and difficult to get into a healthy routine. I know that the Lord has called me to homeschool our 3 little children, ages 7, 4 & 3.
The biggest challenge I feel I have is to teach them obedience and to follow directions exactly as told to do. It's not their fault if they don't understand directions. I am not always able to put things into words correctly but I know as we continue to be faithful God will guide us and we will all learn together.
Trusting God to teach me patience has never been my strong point. I have often prayed that the Lord would give me patience and then would add ... "Lord hurry up with it will you?" I know I should not speak so disrespectfully to the All Powerful Lord God of the Universe but I thank Him for understanding that sometimes we humans do and say stupid things. His grace and mercy is bigger than I will ever be. I praise Him for His patience with me as He molds me into the image of His precious Son, Jesus Christ.
 As I learn to submit to His leading I know that He will help me learn how to train our children in the way they should go. He will teach me how to be patient and full of mercy and grace as our children learn to grow in God and in knowledge.
As we, my husband and I, grow in our relationship with Christ, each other and our children, we know that we will make many mistakes along the way. We sat down and talked about our parenting and realized that there are a few areas in parenting our children that we struggle very much. As we brainstormed how we can fix these problems we came up with a game plan. Our game plan includes the children having an active roll in making the changes in the home. Gd knows I wish that changes would not always be so hard to implement into our lives. But as I have heard someone once say ... anything worthwhile is hard to do but pays off in the long run ... and ... what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. These issues we have won't kill us but by trusting God to change these things in our hearts and making them healthy habits He will make us stronger. We have to remember that it is not our efforts that will change us nor our children but only God who can change our hearts.

We share our struggles with our children and then ask them to and share with them a healthy way in which they can hold us accountable to change these struggles in our lives. These changes won't happen over night but with God helping us we know that these changes will happen. And it is only by His Grace that we can change these issues in our lives. We always stand in need of prayer as we take on this mountain and conquer the peak.
In the meantime I know that the Lord will help me to make our home more prepared for the children to learn and not be so full of distractions. I have a huge problem with being a clutter bug and a pack rat. This I say to my shame. This is my personal problem and it is like nails on a chalkboard for my husband who is a minimalist. As we learn to be one we will, God willing, become more like Christ and more like each other. But habits are hard to change and I know that change won't happen until I come to understanding fully why I have this habit in the first place.
I've been trying to think of ways to make things easier and thought that they needed a "classroom" so that they would have less distractions. So that is when we decided to make the room off our Living room our classroom. The room is under construction and this makes homeschooling more difficult but this project is half finished. I am so looking forward to the work being completed. Everything seems to be out of place until it is completed. Right now the desks are all in the livingroom because we are working on finishing the classroom and then will be able to put the stuff all back into the classroom.

I believe God has a sense of humor ... We got free used school desks that were a tiny bit rusted with some scratches and tiny holes but in used condition. We Christian Homeschool our children. The joke God has going is that we got those desks from the Islamic Mosque Center of Brantford. He used the false religion of Islam to further the Gospel of Jesus Christ! I filled all the tiny holes and sanded them. I painted the desks white but the tops I spray painted with black chalkboard paint. My "teacher" desk is painted the same way.
I will keep posting things as I grow into the woman God created me to be and the teacher I need to be to my children. Keep us in our prayer. Thank you.

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