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Friday, 9 September 2016

Heavenly Home

Oh how I long for Heaven
A place of serene peace
A far off place over yonder
Where my joy will never cease
How beautiful that place will be
And my pain will be no more
From my shoulders it will role away
As I walk through Heavens door

All my tears He has collected
That throughout my life I wept
In His book He wrote them down
A record He has kept
As I walk through Heaven's gate
I stand before His throne
I see the scars my sins have left
I feel so deeply torn

I looked up at Him in disbelief
Not knowing where to turn
In shame I bowed my head
The image in my mind was burned
He looked at me, in filthy rags
And lifted up my down-turned head
"It was my love for you
That held me on the cross", He said.  

He told me I had been forgiven
My hearts cry He had heard
When I asked to be forgiven
To forgive He gave His word
"You are my good and faithful servant"
And reached out his hands to me
He welcomed me into His glory
For all Eternity

Written By: Regina ten Brinke

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