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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Letter to a Godly husband

     I as an assignment did what each of us should do ... make a list of 5 things you love about your husband. That way when the time comes when the storms hit, you can go back and read it over and over again as a reminder to you and to remind you that he is worth fighting for. Then when you have come up with 5 things ... write it again but this time as a letter to him and mail it to him in snail mail and have it delivered to him. Make it special.
     Here is my assignment. There is no right nor wrong answer and each person's letter will be different. No two are or will be the same. It must come from the heart. He will know. And remember as Jimmy Evans from Marriage on the Rock says ... a man's number one need is to be praised and respected.

My darling Raymond
     My love, I couldn't just think of 5 things that I love about you. When we met one of the number one things that made me fall in love with you is the time you spent with me. I know you sacrificed many hours on the road to spend time with me.
     I remember when you would sing to me. Oh how my heart would sing too. I loved listening to you singing.
     I remember one time when you went out of your way to buy something you didn't normally buy. Your reason for doing this is what touched my heart. You said you got it because "it pleases me". Those words melted my heart honey ... "because it pleases me"!
     Another thing that I absolutely loved about you was when you would actually want to and asked me out on a date. Oh how light my heart would feel that you would take me out into public on a real date. Thank you my love.
     I was tickled pink and yet feelings of shyness but absolutely loved is when you would not just pay for our dates but also give generous tips to the waitress/waiter. Your generosity has always amazed me and I loved it about you. It made me feel very proud to be with you. It also made me want you to want to marry me and be yours for life. You are such a good catch honey.
     From the day we met I noticed that you have never rejected my little princess Aurora. You have shown love towards her from day one and I love you for it. But you did even more than that for her, you accepted her as your own flesh and blood. Thank you.
     One of the things I enjoyed doing most was when we would go hiking. I loved going through natural woods with you.
     When we met I was on Social Assistance and I remember how fearful and inferior that made me feel. I feared that you would reject me. But that fear was not completely realistic because I know you would always be ready and willing to help me out if I needed it. Thank you.
     On the top of my list I think I would have to say is your listening ear. I remember one time that I called you and we talked into the wee hours of the morning. I needed a listening ear and thank you for being one for me.
     When we greatly sinned against our most Holy God, you never made it my fault. You took responsibility for your own actions. This was a foreign feeling for me and I was not sure what to do with that. Thank you for not making me responsible for your choices.
     On the physical side ... I loved that you had your own car!!! It might sound lame but I loved it that we could go for rides in the country and to go to secluded woods hiking.
     I had also prayed for specific things that I wanted in a spouse and the Lord gave me those things in you. I prayed for a man who was tall and at a perfect weight and the Lord knows you had both quantities!
     You have a very gentle personality that I found very attractive. I feel like I am anxious and stressful for ten people and your gentleness calms me. Even my friends noticed this about you. This is something I need that you can provide me and draws me to you. Thank you for being gentle with me.
     The most important thing that I loved about you was that you had a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. I praised the Lord for this because the number one thing I asked of the Lord was that the man He would bring me would believe the Bible and not change his mind on what the Word of God says. Thank you for loving me through the love of Christ.
     I love you with all my heart and give God the glory and praise for the day He created you in your mother's womb and for the day He brought you into my life. I have and will forever work on being a dedicated, loving and honorably wife to you. You honestly deserve my best my love.
Love your wife
Regina ten Brinke

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