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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

My Precious Child

You are the fruit of my womb
God, in His infinite love
Mercy and Grace
Sent you to us from above
Moving, kicking, stretching
You grew strong inside
Caressing my belly
The floodgates of love grew wide
When the day finally came
Where I could hold you in my arms
You wrapped me around your finger
A prisoner of your charms
What a blessing it was
Watching you grow
Learning to sit, crawl and walk
And seeds of love to sow
Then came the day
That you started school
You were growing up too fast
Acquiring many tools
Being forced to let you go
Is the hardest thing I've had to do
The pain in my heart
Everyday stronger grew
Oh the tears that streamed
Down my cheeks like a flood
Crying out to God
Sinking into the pit of mud
The Lord Jesus, my only comfort
In my pain He carries me
He promised me His justice
He made this a decree

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